Amanda McCray, Owner/LMT

Amanda’s career as a massage therapist began at West Virginia University where she planned to pursue a degree in exercise physiology. It only took a semester for her to realize that she wasn’t on the right path, though. In January of 2006, she enrolled at The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in Pennsylvania and quickly fell in love with the profession.


“My paternal grandfather was actually a massage therapist. I didn’t even know this until after I started in massage school, though.”

After graduating from massage school, Amanda then spent three years working for other providers before finally striking out on her own and opening McCray Therapeutic Massage in 2009. Since then, Amanda has developed a loyal clientele by providing a wide range of quality massage services and maintaining a focus on the needs of each individual customer.

“It feels good to take care of others and to help people feel whole again.”

Amanda’s goal is to help others with their health in a natural way…body, mind, and spirit. She also enjoys providing new therapists and healthcare workers with the opportunity to grow and build careers that they love. In the long term, she hopes to offer even more of those opportunities – and help even more clients – by continuing to grow the business and offering new products and services.

Services & Certifications: Board Certified, National Certification, ABMP Licensed, Doula Certified, Lymphatic Drainage Certified, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage Instruction, Myofascial Release, Kinesio Tape Certified

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